My personal policy is based on my top two values - TRUTH and LOVE. It is concise and uncomplicated.

Personal Policy Statement

"I will be completely honest and transparent with you but just as empathetic and compassionate too. I will make myself available to you completely free of charge for the first couple of sessions - with no obligations whatsoever, because once we contract I am fully committed and there is no going back."

Please read the important privacy policy and disclaimer below. In the spirit of transparency I need to be very clear about who I am, what I offer, and how it all works.

Privacy Policy

_BYOBI (Obi Okolo) is committed to keeping your information safe, putting you in control, being fair, and treating your data with care. Why? Because of a personal commitment to 'do the right thing', do my best. Coaching is about helping people be better; helping people be the best they can be. This is what drives _BYOBI (Obi Okolo), and along with 'doing the right thing', doing my best, a thorough consideration of how your information is treated is very important.

So when it comes to the way _BYOBI (Obi Okolo) will communicate with you and handle your data, here are the key things you need to know:

  • _BYOBI (Obi Okolo) does not harbour any secrets when it comes to how your data is used. It is all done in line with a commitment to safeguard your personal information, and complies with current data protection legislation - GDPR.

  • You are in control at all times. In the member's area you will find easy-to-use tools to manage your data and change your settings.

  • Only the personal data needed to complete your requests and achieve our collaborative goal of more great coaching is stored. As stated earlier, all of this information is always under your control.

  • _BYOBI (Obi Okolo) has invested in security to keep your information safe by working with specific, specialist service providers. They provide a cloud-based web development service, and a mobile payments service.


  • Your collaboration with _BYOBI (Obi Okolo) does not imply a substitute for professional advice such as that from a medical doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, or counsellor. Your collaboration with _BYOBI (Obi Okolo) does not constitute legal, financial or other professional advice - neither is it intended to be.

  • Nothing in my content material and collaborative exchange of energy with clients shall be considered professional medical, legal, or financial advice. You shall indemnify _BYOBI (Obi Okolo) in the event of any such claims, including but not limited to any claims made against _BYOBI (Obi Okolo) by any person related or associated with you.

  • Any decision you make - and the consequences thereof - are your own. Under no circumstances can you hold _BYOBI (Obi Okolo) liable for any actions that you take. You agree not to hold _BYOBI (Obi Okolo) liable for any loss or cost incurred by you or any person related or associated with you as a result of materials, techniques, coaching, instructing and/or training offered by _BYOBI (Obi Okolo).

  • The information shared with clients during coaching and consulting sessions, through this website, and via other media is intended to be general or client specific information with respect to life and clients' issues. All solicited information is offered in good faith - as contracted. You do not have to use this information.

  • Results are dependent on the effort and co-operation of clients in and outside of sessions, and also by the effective and efficient application of materials, techniques and information from training, instructing, or coaching sessions, by clients. _BYOBI (Obi Okolo) holds no responsibility for any regressive actions, choices or decisions made or taken by clients - and no particular results are 100% guaranteed due to the reasons above.

  • Diagnosing and dealing with psychological or medical conditions is for trained medical professionals (physicians and therapists), not a coach, instructor, or trainer.

  • Service fees are tailored to clients' needs and guaranteed not to change once an offer to contract is made, but by accepting to proceed you also agree to the 'no refund' policy. _BYOBI (Obi Okolo) reserves the right to refuse service for any safeguarding or health and safety reasons.

  • Obi Okolo is a certified and insured self-protection instructor, and a combatives enthusiast. With no firm affiliations to any martial arts or combatives schools or styles, personal safety (self-protection) instructing is offered based on collective experience and know-how from surveillance, military, private security, law enforcement, combatives and mixed martial arts training. There are inherent risks in participating in a programme of strenuous exercise and training. If any clients sustain or claim to sustain an injury while participating in a training package, they acknowledge that _BYOBI (Obi Okolo) is not responsible for their decision to participate.

  • All information shared for advertising and marketing, or for billing and sessions, is treated as privileged, private and confidential. Your personal identifiable information will never be sold, traded, or given away by _BYOBI (Obi Okolo), but please note that it is managed through specific, specialist service providers.

  • Sessions are strictly confidential and for adults 21 or older only.


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